Boat Rental Guidance

Facilities in the Boats

We are providing wide range and types of boats. Facilities may be different from boat to boat. As a visitor you should check the features and facilities from the boat pages.


Departure and Arrival

All departures are on Saturday after 1600 Local Time. 

All arrivals are on Saturday before 1200 Local Time.



Rental fee must be paid as soon as reservation, so this is confirmation of your trip.



 Prices can be change from time to time. All prices will be shown on the product pages. However previous guests and early resevations have advantage  over prices. Best way is to contact with the numbers shown bellow the web site or contact pages. 


Additional Costs

Additional costs can be changed from boat to boat because of the different facilities and motor types and electronic devices. Additional wishes and routes can have affect costs. 


Chartering Contract

When you decide to cruise any of the boat, chartering contract will sign between guest, agent and boat owner.