- Port of departure fee and leaving operations

- Travel document and ship agency fees

- Hawser fee

- Utility Water

- Bedlinen and bath towels

- Equipment usage in yacht

- Yacht insurance

- 4 hours of air-conditioner usage in Göcek bays

- 4 hours of fuel in Göcek bays



- Value Added Tax (VAT)

- Provisions, food and beverage

- Fuel expenses outside of Göcek bays

- Water Sports

- Fuel for water sports equipment

- Airport transportation

- Customs expenses (in case of leaving Turkey water borders)

- Abroad transit-log expenses

- All keelage and hawser fees in foreign territorial waters

- Ruins fee and optional land tours



Provisions: Food, beverage, cleaning materials, ice etc. The options you can choose about provision shopping is entirely left to you.


Before the tour, we can do the shopping according to your prepared list and we can have it loaded on the boat before you arrive. When you arrive, you can pay the relevant suppliers in cash or by credit card on purchase invoices. This option is very popular of our customers in regard of saving time.


Before the tour, you can shop your needs and have them loaded on the boat.


In this option you don’t interfere with anything, we’ll offer you full board accommodation during your stay. In this case, you can choose one of our Standard, Luxury or Deluxe menus and pay a price between 35 and 55 Euros per person/ per day to make your all-inclusive tour, expect alcoholic beverages. You can freely bring your alcoholic beverages and have them loaded on the boat.



When you want to cancel the reservation, the cancellation conditions stated below:

For cancellations made 90 days and before the date of entry, 20% of the total tour price will be deducted from deposit paid and the remaining amount will be refunded to you.

For cancellations made within 89 to 30 days before the the of entry, 40% of the total tour price will be deducted from the deposit paid and the remaining amount will be refunded to you.

For cancellations made within 29 days before the date of entry, the entire tour price will be charged.



Before the service, APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) fee which is 30% of charter fee, will be charged.

APA: The amount deemed appropriate by MYBA is 25% of the total payment. However, this amount can be 30% in some ultra lux yachts. This payment is designed to cover costs such as fuel, provisions and other expenses, also food, drink, port fees are given to the captain before starting the tour.

APA, which is 25% of the charter fee delivered to the captain in order to eliminate the motor fuels, oils and other expenses of the yacht, is the payments made by the captain on your behalf.

All invoices and cash expense bills must be completed before the last landing date.

The captain will give you a breakdown of his/her expenses, and if total amount less than the APA amount has been spent, he/she will refund you the remaining.

If spending amount exceeds the APA amount, you must top up the rest.