An Explorer in Turkey

All right guys. has made it down to the harbor yeah. I'm not sure what to expect could look like one of these awesome this is gonna be our home for the next couple of days. All right guys welcome to our boat. We're gonna be spending the next two nights here. I think downstairs I'm guessing is what we're gonna be eating and chilling out and then on the top, we're gonna be sleeping. So the topic covered in mattresses or it's gonna be like one big slumber party for two nights and yeah we're gonna be sailing along the coast of Turkey. Like there are three levels is the one level down there and this is almost like amid. Romero can sunbathe here. if you want to reenact any scenes from the Titanic and go yeah. I can live out the mopiest Caribbean fantasies. it's really cool this is gonna be so nice. You guys wondering how hot it is it's something is and when we were in Egypt. I feel like it was cooler than right now. I am NOT a sweater and I've been sweating so much that's why I having a hotel with 24-hour access to a pool is gonna be good. And then this is the top-level where we gonna store our bags and assume this is we're all gonna be sleeping. let's go let's fly go get your wings all right. Oh, thank you just the cutest little lady who's cooking food for us just made and tea time for everybody alright guys. We've now set sail is they're just my uninhabited mountains full of trees and Bronx. I just can't wait to get into the water to be hunted yeah this is so nice, and so they're gonna be cooking us breakfast lunch and dinner on the boat. it's like a little couple that we're in the boat and they're taking us around, but such a unique experience we're kind of addicted to these water base boat overstating places by boat and going along. The crease is like the perfect way and cars put in the middle of the - I yes I need a great go-to time. This is smelling so good nice price and what are you cooking in here. This looks good smells so good smallest kitchen can produce the best smells we were just relaxing out the front another really good. so I make my way, we want to say if Denisova looks like it's gonna be intrigued. hey, We're adults we got rosy and Disney plane is going down the packet cause place experience. All right it's not straight at heart because of every okay. You guys can't show you what these cars are it's so cool all the coals of that number why and I think they're gonna be cooking chicken on it. Yes oh wow, there's like major barbecue.oh my gosh, we have a feast prepared for us looks so good to do you know who's been served there's like multiple dishes yeah all cooked on the boat for us sorry cool and look at this view well. This is very beautiful it's so calm and quiet. Is it mama made it for us mama made Anna and Bubba a blanket this was all provided to us. We didn't need to bring any of this which was super Nice we got a moon just over there Paul see guys in the morning good morning everybody working on mile sup for sunrise oh it was absolutely breathtaking at 7:00 a.m. The salmon let's really see the floor of the sea think I'm gonna need to go for a dip good the first date doesn't begin until the coffee is in so I'm gonna go make yourself something to drink. We just come to our next stop and we just arrived on the island there's a castle up there and then everyone's kind of built their houses around this little village it's so unique like look at this. Wow. got some restaurants here someone' shaving their morning breakfast cafe over there and for the 300 steps it's 300 steps okay let's go-to kale you get the ax to the castle probably butchered that made it to the castle. Wow. it's actually still pretty intact. Hey wow, this is the fourth century BC. Castle and this little village it's quite unique it's called Kelly coy and the only way to get to the village is by boat. And the lady that's running the boat that we're on right now she was actually brought up here in this little village. It was only a couple of hundred people that live here instead of a school bus. They have a school boat. So they have a little primary school here, but very very unique very remote. Wow, can't believe she grew off yellow what a place. This is a good view though yeah come up to the castle jinx. I think we found the best for you so hot. Eclipse IDE is full of old ancient ruins dating back to the fifth century. The land changes. So I think two and a half meters went underwater. You actually see like buildings half in the water half outdoor. Yeah everybody so cool. It was like a boat shop fronts you just come up get your stuff. It might have been that water is so clear. It literally looks like a pool we've just come to a place called aquarium Beach. Okey and literally look at that water. You wouldn't even guess that's the sea when you get those photos. When it looks like the boat is floating. This is the sherry. You kind of want even wants to be there firstly moving in to see. We say school holidays now because I can't play one was the school holidaymaker. Eats is here hell owe also just jump and steal these folks one against 16 ah did have the Oreo. No literally just a bunch of kids now this guy is an entrepreneur. I will give it to him everyone is literally on top of him. And he can charge whatever he wants to doll. This remains so. He's freezer works seriously guys these sunsets we're gonna say it every time to recount go. Good morning everybody welcomes back to Turkey. We just finished up an incredible two night kind of living abroad one of these boats, but we're now jumping on a bus and making our way towards entirely yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed that little experience we absolutely loved it. It is now the morning of the final day, but that is kind of the end of these episodes.